Hilary Hutcheson

Hometown: Columbia Falls, Montana
Home water: Middle Fork, North Fork and South Fork of the Flathead River in Northwest Montana
BIO: Hilary grew up at the west entrance of Glacier National Park in Montana. Even at a young age, she felt more connected to the area’s wild rivers, lakes and creeks than to its mountains or forests. And the Flathead River’s native westslope cutthroat trout enchanted her more than grizzly bears or mountain goats. When a boy down the road taught her how to fly fish in seventh grade, she vowed to always be near rivers. She started guiding whitewater rafting and fly fishing trips as a teenager and continued through college.  After getting a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Montana, Hilary worked as a television news anchor and reporter in Missoula, Montana and Portland, Oregon for more than a decade before moving back home to Glacier Country for good with her husband and young daughters.  Today Hilary is co-host of the network television fly fishing show, Trout TV, a program produced by the marketing firm she owns and operates alongside her husband, Shane. Through her outdoor industry occupation, Trout TV and proximity to Glacier National Park, Hilary has been exposed to conservation issues that have driven her to pursue connections with people and companies dedicated to habitat restoration and environmental sustainability. Hilary enjoys skiing with her daughters, trail running in the woods and having a beer with friends in her beloved hometown of Columbia Falls, Montana.  
Favorite Cheeky Reel? Ambush 375
Favorite fish on the fly? Westslope Cutthroat
Drink of choice? Whiskey and water
Favorite meal after a long day on the water? Bacon cheeseburger and fries
Favorite sport other than fly fishing? Skiing
Favorite music video? Separate Ways by Journey
Pole or row? Row. I’ve managed to say off the pole so far…
What’s the secret to fly fishing? Nutter Butters