Mark Martin

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Home water: Pacific Ocean, San Diego (SoCal Bite Zone)


Mark's flying Mako fight in "For The Sport of It - Mako Shark on the Fly":

BIO: In 1999 Mark left San Diego, CA and moved to the mountains of Lake Tahoe and Colorado for snowboardng, which is where he found and began his passion for fly fishing. After 10 years of fishing the mountains' freshwater rivers, he moved back to San Diego and brought his passion for fly fishing to the salt. Mark is now a full-time fly fishing guide for inshore and offshore species - most notably Mako Shark. He lives aboard his 34 foot sport fisher at the Kona Kia marina. Mark's shark boat, a 20' center console is attached to the 34' mothership.

Favorite Cheeky Reel? Dozer 525

Favorite fish on the fly? Mako Shark

Drink of choice? Whatever someone else pays for

Favorite fly fishing film? "Running Down The Man"

Go-to fly? Chartreuse & White Clouser

What's for dinner? Carne Asada Burrito

Any tips for somebody just getting started? It's all about time on the water, whether fishing or not, learn the water you are going to fish.

Best fly fishing advice you've ever received? "STOP TROUT SETTING THAT BONEFISH!"