Ambush 375
Ambush 375
Ambush 375
Ambush 375
Ambush 375

Ambush 375

$ 360.00

Line Weight: 5-7

Targeted Species: Large Trout, Bass, Small Salmon

What happens when a field mouse accidentally falls into a trout infested river?  Same thing that happens when an ambitious frog swims over a bass nest, it gets violently ambushed by the resident beast beneath the bank.  Let’s presume those tempting terrestrials are made of foam and rigged to your Ambush 375 … looks like you’ve scored a match made in heaven. 

The Ambush 375 checks in at 6.5 oz and 3.75” in diameter.  From spring fed creeks and rivers to deep water lakes, it is a must have for the arsenal of all freshwater fly fishermen.


  • Sealed Evo Synthetic Disc Drag
  • MAX Arbor (3.75” diameter)
  • B2 Channel
  • Retrieve up to 11.8” of Line per Revolution
  • Lightweight Design (6.5 oz)
  • Quick Change Spool
  • Simple L/R Retrieve Conversion
  • Reel Case Included



"Let me start with my favorite part. The drag is smooooth, from startup until the fish slows down. This was the first time I actually enjoyed the experience of line ripping off of the reel." <span>The Frogwater</span>