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Barracudas in the Bahamas

Barracudas in the Bahamas

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George L. was fishing off the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas when he hooked up with this massive barracuda. He was awesome enough to share his experience with us and now we're fired up!

"Guys, first time fishing with my new Limitless 475. The reel is a dream. I used an Orvis 8 weight rod. On paper, my equipment was under matched for this incredible fighting fish which took over 30 minutes to land which included two furious runs almost to the end of the backing. In reality, I would not have caught it with a lesser reel."

We appreciate all those who push their Cheeky Reels to the limit and we love hearing their stories. If you have a fishy tale of your own, feel free to send it to us at

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