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By the Numbers: A Closer Look at the Award Winning Boost 350

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The Boost 350 has been one of the most awarded fly reels in the industry over the last few years. In addition to being named "2015 Reel of the Year" by Outside Magazine, it has racked up numerous awards from other fly reel shootouts and publications, including Fly Fish America's Editors Choice Award, Gear Institute's Top Fly Reel of the Year, Kayak Angler's Best New Fly Reel of the Year, and many more. As March winds down and we approach the heart of the spring season, we dive in to take a closer look at the Boost 350 Fly Reel.


The score, out of 100, experts gave the Boost 350 in the Gear Institute's Top Fly Reel of the Year shootout. The score was the highest in the test.


The Boost 350 is designed to hold 5-6wt fly line, perfect for trout, bass, and small salmon.


The Boost 350 boasts a MAX Arbor that measures 3.5" in diameter.


Tipping the scales at just 5.1oz, the Boost 350 is lighter than a baseball. 


The inches of line you'll pick up, per revolution, with the Boost 350. Dare a fish to outrun you.


The Boost 350 costs $219. With Boost 350 Fly Reel, you get the unparalleled performance you’ve come to expect from Cheeky Reels, with a price tag that won’t break the bank


With a lifetime warranty, the Boost 350 may be the only 5/6wt reel you'll ever need. 

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