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Humpday Highlights 2/1

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Humpday Highlights is a weekly series on the The Blitz blog that features a collection of the best videos, photography and fishing content from the previous week.

Drip Shot

Part of the reason I love this photo so much is because it epitomizes the "keep em wet" guidelines - designed to ensure healthier catch-and-release practices. The other part is because it's just an epic photo. Check out Nick Clark of Flounder Creek Outfitters with an awesome South Florida peacock on his Boost 350. 

Humpback Release

As soon as I saw this video from Tessa Shetter and Kory Robbins, I knew it was perfect for Humpday Highlights. You'll see why...

 Midwest Monsters

This video comes from Minnesota Trout Unlimited Chapter and the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo, and features a collection of clips from some of the best midwest fly fishing films from 2016. In classic midwest fashion, there's some awesome footage of smallmouth, trout, bluegill and pike action. The beginning is a little slow, but trust me, it's worth the watch. 

No Limits

This gem of a photo comes from Matt Guymon of Freestone River Photography. He battled the frigid elements with his impenetrable Limitless 425. What's the coldest weather you've ever fished in?


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