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Meet Cheeky Team Member: Zach Clinchy

Meet Cheeky Team Member: Zach Clinchy

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Zach is originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania.  While his passion for fishing started at a young age, his fly-fishing obsession came later when he was a whitewater rafting guide in Maine on the Upper Kennebec River. He hasn’t been able to put the fly rod down since.  Zach was a Marketing & Advertising major at Susquehanna University in Central Pennsylvania. He started working for Cheeky a week after graduating in 2018 and has been with Cheeky since. Zach is the Associate Business Manager. He is the face behind the Cheeky social media, all things marketing, and all of the photography/video for the company.


Most desired meal after a long day on the water?

A fat cheeseburger with fries

Favorite Species?

Anything Trout. I grew up trout fishing. I have traveled to a lot of places and fished a lot of different water, but I am always drawn back to targeting trout. 

Go to fly?

Chubby Chernobyl. There is nothing better than seeing a fish eat a meaty fly on the surface. 

Favorite Cheeky Reel?

Limitless 375. A 5-7 wt. reel is super versatile, especially when trout fishing. I use my Limitless 375 for everything. From running nymph rigs, to throwing dries, to stripping streamers; I can accomplish all of that with the Limitless 375.  It has never failed me. With spare spools, it is really easy to convert my reel to floating, intermediate, or sinking line.  

Bucket list Fish?

Golden Dorado.

Favorite Friday beer at the office?

Miller Lite.

Other Hobbies?

I really enjoy photography and videography. If you find me without a fly rod in my hand, you will most likely find me with a camera in my hand and my eye up to the viewfinder.

One place that you would like to travel to?

Iceland.  I’ve always wanted to go Iceland. It is a beautiful country, but it is also home to some monster browns. Catching stud browns in a beautiful place like Iceland? Sign me up. Definitely a bucket list trip for me.



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