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Team Cheeky Weekend Fishing Trip

Team Cheeky Weekend Fishing Trip

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It's no secret that when we aren't working, we're fishing. Team Cheeky took advantage of the recent long weekend and fished some remote water.

Associate Business Manager Zach took us to the spot where he learned fly fish as he spent a summer working as a white water rafting guide. He spoiled us with some excellent fishing!

Though landlocked salmon was the target, we had quite a few welcome surprises. Big fall fish, smallmouth bass, and brookies all intercepted our flies throughout the weekend.

On July 4th, we were lucky to be in the right place at the right time. As the sun went down, a legendary hex hatch started and it was game on! Zach out-fished us all, and landed 32 salmon that day. We wish we had more pictures, but the fishing was too good to pass up even for a quick photo-op!

We didn't mind that it remained cool and overcast most of the weekend. The lighting was perfect for photo-ops like this one. These reels were our weapons of choice. The Launch 350 (far left) did the heavy lifting during the hex hatch. The Limitless 375 (middle) was the "prospecting" set-up while looking for fish, and the Launch 400 (far right) put the breaks on smallies as we fed them heavy streamers. 

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