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Topwater Tuesday: Redfish on poppers

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This week's Topwater Tuesday takes us to the deep marshes of Southern Louisiana in search of the famous bull redfish. 

As something of a redfish novice, I'm still always shocked at the sight of these massive fish hydroplaning on the surface as they attempt to get their unfortunately-placed mouths around a 6-8" popper. The amount of times these bottom-feeders swing and miss on the surface is rather astounding, and why they are so enticed by a topwater plug that looks better suited for a toothy pike seems to defy logic. But of course, they do connect on occasion ... and what happens then is truly a sight to behold.

This video aptly titled "Poppa" is about 7 minutes of nonstop topwater redfish action. The soundtrack can be a little tiring, but the footage is well worth the price of admission.

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Poppa from Flywater Expeditions.


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