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VIDEO: Huge musky falls for figure-8

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Last week we posted an article on The Blitz breaking down how to master the musky figure-8, a popular technique for triggering boat-side muskies to strike. This week, we got our hands on a video that shows just how effective the figure-8 can be.
This video from Zach Noseworthy shows the follow and strike of an enormous Ontario musky. After chasing a bucktail spinner to the boat, the musky hammers the lure on the very first turn of the figure-8. The change of direction, speed and depth that the figure-8 gives a lure can make it simply irresistible to a lurking musky. This is a technique both fly and conventional tackle musky anglers should be practicing on every cast.
Hooking a musky like this one is only half the battle. Ferocious fighters that can push 40+ lbs with ease, muskies can shake, throw or break you off before you've even had time to dig in for the fight. If you're going musky fishing this year, it's important to have the right gear for the job. From muskies to catfish, the Cheeky FLOTR 3500 Spinning Reel is designed to stop the largest freshwater lunkers in their tracks. With Cheeky’s specially designed PWR Multi-Disc Drag System, fully machined spool design and lightweight body, the FLOTR 3500 delivers unparalleled line control and fighting power.

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