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Video: Jungle Tarpon

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This has to be some of the coolest tarpon footage ever recorded. The folks at Tapam the Lodge are located in the heart of the Nicaraguan jungle on the San Juan River, historically not a place known for its world-class tarpon waters. Although I think it's safe to say that is about to change ...

The story goes that the current owners stumbled across this fishery back in 2014 at the advice of some local Nicaraguan fishermen. It's easy to see how these waters could have been overlooked by tarpon anglers for so long - the water is small, murky and looks like something you might find a massive arapaima lurking at the bottom, but a tarpon? No way. But that's exactly what makes this video so awesome, it defies typical logic. Stripping flies as fast as possible, watching enormous tarpon roll and leap in front of a jungle backdrop, what is this place??

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Early Morning Jungle Poon from GetAway Tours.

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