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WATCH: Fly Fishing For Arctic Char In Greenland

WATCH: Fly Fishing For Arctic Char In Greenland

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This is some of the most beautiful fly fishing footage of the year. While Iceland has become a fly fishing destination for anglers around the world over the past decade, its neighbor Greenland has largely remained unfished by travelers ... by the looks of it, that's going to change soon.

This video from Black Fly Eyes documents a fly fishing trip trip deep in the remote regions of Greenland. Backpacking from one fishing hole to the next, these dudes see some of the most scenic regions on earth, and catch some of the most beautiful fish you will ever see.

My personal favorite part of the video: "You've got to know when to stop fishing, but when you see those big schools of char coming ... you just can't." Ah, the plight of a fisherman.

During remote backpacking trips like this, your gear is going to take a beating. That's why it's key to have a fly reel build to withstand whatever nature throws at it. From ice, sand, dirt, and salt, the fully sealed and fully impenetrable Cheeky Limitless are the ultimate backcountry fly reels. 

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Camp North from Black Fly Eyes.


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