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Yeti Presents 120 Days: A tarpon season

2 minute read

This is one of those fishing videos that you're going to be thinking about for a while. "120 Days" by Yeti is a 7 minute video that follows legendary Florida guide David Magnum as he scouts the flats and talks the one fish he's dedicated his adult life to pursuing ... tarpon.

Although tarpon season may only be 120 days long, for David and other tarpon nuts like him, it's a 365 day obsession. These fish will elate your morale, crush your will, and ignite a burning lifelong passion that you never knew existed, all in a day's work. There are no other fish like them on the planet, and few videos do a better job of capturing their magnificence and allure quite like this one. 

The timing of this video could not be better. With tarpon season just a few weeks away, "120 Days" is going to send more than a few people packing their bags and racing to the Sunshine State in hopes of getting in on the April/May run. Before you make the pilgrimage, make sure you have the gear needed to go blow for blow with these prehistoric beasts. The Cheeky Limitless 475 Fly Reel is the fly reel for big inshore game like tarpon.

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