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Al Keller

 Hometown: New Orleans, LA
 Home water: Biloxi Marsh
 BIO: Captain Al Keller was born in Miami, Fl  and spent his early years in Tampa.  As a  South Florida native, he has become one  of the most recognized and respected  names in fly fishing the 10,000 Islands, Everglades National Park and the  marshes around New Orleans.  In 1996 he  received his U.S. Coast Guards License  and started what he and many others  dream about, fly fishing for a living. Captain Al now spends close to 300  days a year sharing what the mangroves  and marshes around the Gulf of  Mexico has to offer the fly fisherman. In addition to guiding, in his free time, Captain Al hones his skill and feeds his passion in fresh through saltwater tournaments.  
Favorite Cheeky Reel: Thrash 475
Favorite fish on the fly? Anything that will eat the fly
Drink of choice? Monster
Favorite meal after a long day on the water? Nachos
Favorite Fly Fishing Film: Anything I’m in
What’s your go to fly? Redfish Dancer
What are your hobbies? Sporting Clays, Golf and shooting things
If you could fish anywhere in the world for a week, where would it be? Mongolia
What’s for dinner? Leftover guide lunch….Cold Fried Chicken