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Dan & Tom Harrison

Hometown: Warwick, MA

Home water: Deerfield River, Millers River

BIO: Tom and Dan have been guiding the rivers of Western Massachusetts for the past 10 years. Before that they  spent a few seasons in Northwestern Montana guiding for Glacier Anglers, where they still usually do a trip every year in July to fish the Upper Middle Fork of the Flathead. They also spent a couple winters in Chile working for Patagonia Basecamp, guiding the rivers and lakes near La Junta. At one time in La Junta, Tom and Dan rafted class V water into some untouched section of trout fishing that proved to be worth every risk getting there - not many fly fishermen can do that. They now spend 12 months a year guiding the Deerfield, Swift and other rivers in their home state. They specialize in getting boats on and off sections of rivers that are virtually impossible to fish without the use of high speed winches and top-secret knowledge. In doing so, they have rediscovered fisheries that boast some of the best year-round fishing for wild and holdover trout in the Northeast.

Favorite Cheeky Reel? Ambush 375 (but we like them all!)

Favorite fish on the fly? Trout

Drink of choice? PBR or Illya's Grey Kangaroo filtered Vodka

What's your go-to fly? Bigger the better

Favorite saltwater fish? Still figuring that out...

Sausage or Bacon? Win-Win

What's something about you that we don't know? Tom and I both like rowing more than fly fishing. Putting people on fish is wonderful in itself but giving people an experience is what keeps them coming back.

Darts or Pool? Both...unless too many PBR's are involved, then only Pool

Any tips for somebody just getting into the sport? Cherish the first few years when everything is new, because no matter how good you get and no matter how many big fish you catch, stepping into a stream when everything is new is magical. Take your time and soak up the process.