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Josh Beasley & Willis Engelhart

Hometown: Josh - Duluth, MN. Willis - Edina, MN
Home waters: Boundary Waters, MN
Bio: Beasley and Engelhart have been fishing for practically their entire lives. Both Minnesota natives, they grew up chasing bass and pike with spinning gear in their local lakes and ponds. As teens, they moved to Colorado where they picked up their first fly rod. The duo immediately fell in love with the challenge and pursuit of the sport that reminded them so much of their other passion, skiing. Together, Beasley and Engelhart launched a mission to fly fish Colorado’s most untouched waters and document their adventures through their Instagram account, KypedUp. Today, KypedUp has grown into a full team of fly anglers, committed to generating the best fly fishing content on the web.
Favorite Cheeky Reels:  Strike 325 and Ambush 375
Favorite fish to catch: Northern Pike
Pole or row: Row
Drink of choice: Oskar Blues Pinner IPA
Best fishing advice ever received: Stop trying to fool the fish, just feed them!
Favorite sport other than fishing: Skiing
Go-to fly: Old Faithful and Goat Leech
Post fishing meal: Thai food
If you could spend a week fishing anywhere, where would you fish?: Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Any tips for someone just getting into the sport?: Read some books and watch lots of videos, and just go fishing!