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Tessa Shetter

Hometown: Wasilla, Alaska
Homewater: Area 51
Bio: For Tessa Shetter, fishing is simply in her blood. Born and raised in Southern Alaska, Tessa landed her first salmon at the age of 3 using a pink Barbie fishing rod. Thirteen years later, she fooled her first grayling on a fly and hasn't looked back since. Tessa now spends her summers fly fishing throughout Southern Alaska with fishing partner Kory Robbins. She assists Kory with his photography and video business on the side, and develops her own entrepreneurial spirit as a business student at the University of Alaska. She hopes to become a fly fishing guide upon graduation.
Favorite Cheeky Reel: All-black Limitless 375!
Favorite fish to catch: Anything that bites the hook! Or a BIG Kenai River bow
Go-to fly: A big ol’ Dolly Llama
Post fishing meal: Slow cooked moose sandwiches or prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes. Yummm
Favorite fishing film: A River Runs Through It. Who doesn’t love Brad Pitt with a fly rod??
Pole or row: Start with pole, end with row
Any tips for somebody just getting into the sport? Practice casting until your arm falls off
If you could spend a week fishing anywhere, where would it be? Iceland or Patagonia
Best fishing advice you’ve ever received? Keep your wading belt tight
What’s the secret to fishing? Ask the fish, they’re the ones keeping the secret!

Behind the lens: Kory Robbins

Bio: Kory Robbins combines his passion for the outdoors with his love of photography. An avid angler, hunter and general outdoorsman, Kory can most often be found on the river with Tessa, documenting their trips through high-quality photos and videos. He started his own company, KorVisuals, to share his work with others during his spare time. A full-time mechanical engineering student, he hopes to work in the fishing and outdoor industry upon graduation.