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Michael Hart


Phone number: 978.518.7190



Captain Mike started fly fishing in 1996, and was introduced to it by his high school U.S. History teacher, who was a Colorado trout bum...

He graduated art school in '02, lived in Boston and then NYC, where he found himself escaping to the Catskills to fish for trout. Then, a surf casting buddy took Mike to catch Stripers on the fly from the beach at Ft. Tilden. Not long after Mike moved to the North Shore, MA, which has been home ever since. He cut his teeth on the beaches for a few years and finally bought a boat. Mike has been guiding for nearly ten years, and is grateful for every moment he gets to spend on the water.

Hometown: Peterborough NH

Favorite fish: Stripers Obviously

Go-to fly: Blurple hollow fleye, or an oversized flat wing...or anything tied by @bwhally...

Dream fishing vacation: oooooh tough one... maybe Belize for Golden Dorado? That or Kamchatka for those three foot squirrel eating rainbows...

Favorite Cheeky reel: Limitless 425

Post fishing meal or drink: Newburyport Brewing CO Maritime Lager

Tip for a newcomer to fly fishing: Be a sponge. Absorb absolutely everything, always be paying attention to what's happening around you and figure out why it's happening. Keep a log, practice casting, learn to tie... Watch "the dynamics of fly casting" by Joan Wulff. It's dated and hokey as hell, but the lessons are timeless.