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Avery Revere


Phone number:  508-362-5482



Captain Avery Revere has been a fishing guide for 15 years and has fished Barnstable Harbor her entire life.  Her clients are typically fly fishers that prefer sight fishing on harbor flats, however, she fishes to catch fish.  Barnstable Harbor’s large tides (10-12’) afford a variety of conditions even in a four hour trip.  As they say, if you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a minute -the same goes for the Barnstable Harbor tides.


Hometown:  Barnstable

Favorite fish:  Striped Bass

Go-to fly:  Olive & White Clouser

Dream fishing vacation: Fishing in the Bahamas

Favorite Cheeky reel:  Mojo 425

Post fishing meal: Cape Cod Potato Chips

Tip for a newcomer to fly fishing:  It’s not how far you can cast, it’s how consistently you can cast.  I would prefer to see a client that can cast 40-60’ consistently in any direction, then a client that can hurl a 90 footer every fifth cast.