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Captain Alex Moran


Phone: 314-952-7767


Captain Alex has always had an interest in fly fishing. As a kid, he talked his dad into buying  a cheap tying kit from Sports Authority. By the end of high school, he began hunting trout in the Ozark corridor of Southwest Missouri. Around this time, some pretty cool saltwater videos were popping up on YouTube and he spent many mornings watching Flip Pallot and Jose Wejebe. A year later Alex hooked his first tarpon on fly in Key West and decided to move to Florida and become an inshore guide. After putting fishing on hold to play in a traveling band for five years, Alex decided it was time to make the move. He somehow convinced his now wife to move  from St. Louis to Fort Myers and they haven't looked back since, especially after receiving his Beavertail Strike. The boat is a perfect fit for fishing the skinny waters around Matlacha, Pine Island, Charlotte Harbor, and Fort Myers while he hunts for premier inshore game fish (Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Trout) with a fly rod.

Hometown: St. Louis MO

Favorite fish: Tarpon

Go-to fly: Ted's Tantrum

Dream fishing vacation: Baja for Roosterfish or Giant Trevally at Christmas Island (flip a coin I'll take either)

Favorite Cheeky reel: Limitless 425

Post fishing meal or drink: Busch beer and barbecue

Tip for a newcomer to fly fishing: Don't hesitate to ask questions, and have fun as you start to progress. You're going to see some really gorgeous places.