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Captain Jacob V. Abbisso

Phone Number: 617-594-0624




Captain Jacob V. Abbisso, owner Big Fish Mojo Sportfishing, has been boating the waters off Massachusetts and fishing New England’s world class fisheries since he was just three years old – it’s safe to say that saltwater runs in his veins. Jake is passionate about sustainable fishing and preserving the marine ecosystems that he calls home. He prides himself not only on his ability to find fish through instinct, science, and technology, but also on his ability to teach clients the knowledge he has acquired over the years. There is nothing that brings Jake more joy than sharing his passions with others. From fly fishing for 40”+ striped bass, to drifting offshore for bluefin tuna, to recreational lobstering, Jake has done it all! Kind, patient, and upbeat, Captain Jake’s passion for fishing, and life, is contagious.

Hometown: Marblehead, MA 01945

Favorite Fish: Oof, tough choice. I’m a true New Englander, so it’s definitely between striped bass and bluefin tuna!

Go-to Fly: I love hollows of any kind because they’ve got great swimming action. For big striped bass, it’s hard to beat a beast fly in a bunker pattern. 

Dream Fishing Vacation: Honestly, I’m living it! I was blessed with growing up in an area home to world-class fisheries, and I appreciate it more and more every day I’m on the water. 

Favorite Cheeky Reel: Limitless 425

Post Fishing Meal or Drink: A tall glass of ice cold water, paired with a classic outdoor BBQ is probably my favorite way to end a great day of fishing. Steak tips, whole freshly caught mackerel, grilled squid, and shrimp are among my favorites. 

Tip for a Newcomer to Fly Fishing: There’s a lot of technicalities in fly fishing that can be mind boggling at first. But it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, fishing is just playing with the food chain. If you can mimic the bait your target species is feeding on, you’ll be successful. This includes choosing a fly that represents the correct type of bait fish, presenting the fly in front of actively feeding game fish, and making the fly swim exactly like the real thing. Tight lines!