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Captain Russ Nitta

Phone: (808) 960-0068



Russ grew up in Hawaii and fishing is his true passion in life.  His family home was on the water so everyday was spent in the "yard" fishing.  He owns and operates the Lepika, a custom 33' sportfishing boat out of Kona, Hawaii.  Although he mainly fishes conventional tackle for blue marlin, striped marlin, short-nosed spearfish, Ahi, mahimahi, and wahoo, he is one of very few captains that specializes in fly fishing for them as well.  Russ started fly fishing in college in California.  There, he fly fished the Pacific Ocean and Sacramento Delta for striped bass, and for trout in the Sierras of California and Nevada.  Some of his most memorable trips have taken him to Nova Scotia for giant bluefin tuna, Belize for tarpon, oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and the flats of Molokai for bonefish.  Since Kona is such a "bucket list" destination for most fisherman Russ takes pride in making dreams come true for his clients.  As a guide, his main focus is assuring that clients enjoy their experience whether the fishing is hot or not.  

Hometown: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Favorite Fish: Too many to list!

Go-to fly: Blue/silver Gurgler

Dream Fishing Vacation:  Seychelles

Favorite Cheeky Reel: Limitless 475

Post Fishing Meal or Drink: Aberlour 16 yr scotch

Tip for a Newcomer to Fly Fishing: Learn to tie flies.  Be creative, think outside the box and enjoy the satisfaction of tricking your next fish!