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Mark Dysinger

Phone number: 203-815-8412


Captain Mark Dysinger has fished the New England salt most of his life.  Although he is skilled in many angling methods, he is most accomplished with the fly rod.  He specializes in the northeast slam of striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore.  Although he guides in Long Island Sound and its surrounding waters, he is also passionate about freshwater fishing and is a recognized authority on flyfishing for northern pike.

Mark has fished extensively across North America, and his works have appeared in numerous print and online publications.  He has been a featured innovative fly tyer for Eastern Flyfishing Magazine, and his Bunny split fly (aka Musky Bunny Twin Tail) is included in the "deadly dozen" musky patterns in Rob Tomes' Musky on the Fly.  In 2018, he was recruited as an ambassador to the American Museum of Fly Fishing, whose mission is to provide stewardship of the history, traditions, and practices of the sport while promoting conservation of its waters. Mark is a regular fixture at the northeast winter fly fishing shows, where he demonstrates fly tying techniques and shares angling insights and strategies. 

Mark is licensed by the United States Coast Guard and fully insured.  He resides on the Connecticut coast with his wife Anne and daughter Lucy.

Hometown: Killingworth, CT 

Favorite fish: Striped bass, redfish, northern pike

Go-to fly: Half 'n half, or some variation thereof

Where is your dream fishing vacation: Seychelles

Favorite Cheeky reel: Limitless 425 and 475

Post fishing meal or drink: Burger and beer

Tip for a newcomer to fly fishing: There is no substitute for time on the water.  Everything else flows from there.