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Cheeky Announces the Addition of an All-New Sister Brand, Wingo Belts

Wingo Belts Add Style to the Wading World

March, 2015

Arlington, MA – Cheeky Fly Fishing is excited to announce the addition of an all-new sister brand, Wingo Belts. Headquartered alongside Cheeky in Arlington, Massachusetts, Wingo Belts designs and sells stylish wading belts for fishing and hunting.

From conventional fishing and fly fishing to duck hunting, mountaineering and camping, Wingo Belts are designed for the tug, the blast and the simple pleasure of
 being outdoors. The company’s array of belt patterns captures the thrill of adventure while adding the perfect combination of performance and style to any pair of waders.

“Fishing and hunting are exciting sports,” said Cheeky Fly Fishing and Wingo Belts CEO Ted Upton. “But the excitement doesn’t always translate to the gear. We are all about edgy and progressive designs. We are currently working on ten new designs for Wingo including fish skins from brown and brook trout to redfish and bonefish.”

Wingo Belts are currently offered in designs ranging from Rainbow Trout to Skull & Bones, and just about everything in between. But if you can’t find your style in the product lineup, Wingo Belts allows you to design your own belt through its Custom Program.

“The custom process is incredibly easy,” explained Upton. “Whether you want to add an organization’s logo or create an entirely unique pattern, if you can draw it, we can turn it into a Wingo Belt.”

New Rainbow Trout Belt. © SHL ART

The belts provide more than just an aesthetic addition to waders, however. Combining 6,000 pounds of breaking strength and water and decay-resistant polyester, Wingo Belts are designed to withstand the tough elements you’ll face on the water. The next time you’re casting to a rising trout or stalking birds from the reeds, wade in style and comfort with a Wingo Belt.

Organizations and dealers interested in creating a custom design or carrying existing Wingo Belt designs should or call 339-707-3017. For more information on Wingo Belts, please visit