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Cheeky Fishing Welcomes Joe Gugino and Matt Zimmermann to Cheeky Ambassador Team

Cheeky Fishing Welcomes Joe Gugino and Matt Zimmermann of Why Knot Fishing to the Cheeky Ambassador Team

July 28, 2015

Arlington, MA – Cheeky Fishing is excited to announce the addition of two Cheeky Ambassadors, Joe Gugino and Matt Zimmermann, Co-Founders of Massachusetts based Why Knot Fishing. What started off as an idea for a small fishing community website, Why Knot Fishing has become the foundation of an exciting fishing culture and lifestyle brand invigorating the fishing community across New England through events, outings, guided trips, seminars and more.




Gugino has been fishing since he was five years old. He grew up in Connecticut fishing for Largemouth Bass on local ponds. After relocating to the North Shore of Massachusetts, he became addicted to saltwater fishing for Striped Bass. Zimmermann was also introduced to fishing at a young age. His interest in the sport grew to a new level after working as a first mate in Rhode Island on a light tackle charter boat targeting Striped Bass and Bluefish. 

Through their joint passion and love of the sport, Gugino and Zimmermann teamed up to make fishing their profession, founding Why Knot Fishing in 2013. The organization has grown tremendously over two years with dozens of local members registered to the team, regular guided trips, and monthly events and tournaments. Fundamental to Why Knot Fishing’s philosophy, as two guys who grew up lucky enough to fish at a young age, Gugino and Zimmermann give back through their Take a Kid Fishing program.

Gugino and Zimmermann join 10 other Cheeky Ambassadors worldwide. Cheeky Ambassadors embody the Company’s core values and represent the essence of what Cheeky is all about. They’re humanitarians, field-testers, pioneers and extraordinary visionaries on and off the water. Some are passionate conservationists and others are the ultimate thrill-seekers. Cheeky Ambassadors continuously inspire and excite those around them. They live the lifestyle Cheeky represents and are driving the sport to new levels. Cheeky is proud to welcome Gugino and Zimmermann to the Ambassador Team! 

For more information on Gugino, Zimmermann and Why Knot Fishing, please visit: