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HOW TO: Ski and Fish in the Same Day

We checked in with Cheeky Endorsed Guide and Colorado resident Tom Gibson to learn how he prepares to pull off the coveted "daily double."  

For most outdoor enthusiasts, fishing season and skiing season are synonymous with summer and winter. By the time skis have been sharpened and boots re-fitted, the tackle box has long been stashed away. But what if fishing and skiing didn't have to be an either/or? What if you could cast a bug and shred gnar in the same day? If you live in the state of Colorado, you're in luck. 

How to Ski and Fish in the Same Day

By Tom Gibson

Winter in Colorado provides the ultimate opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to experience the full offering of nature's playground. The low humidity levels are ideal for cruising through champagne powder, while the colder weather also reduces the number of anglers on rivers throughout the state. Colorado's high altitude environments provide world class skiing and fly fishing during the winter.


When preparing to embark upon an action filled day on the slopes and chasing trout you'll need to pack accordingly and map out your adventure. In the morning, hit the slopes first while the trails are freshly groomed and powder is still untouched. Have fun ripping down fresh corduroy, stamping fresh tracks through the trees, or ripping through the park with the knowledge that the trout in the rivers below are still relatively inactive due to the cold, early morning water temps. Always wear layers, pack plenty of high protein snacks, and remember to grab a post-shred beer at one of Colorado’s micro brews or distilleries around the state.
After lunch, hit up the local fly shop to discover what the trout have been munching on lately. Fishing style, tippet selection, and flies are valuable information to land a rocky mountain gem in the afternoon. Hire a guide if you need help scouting the open water, tracking temperatures, assisting with terminal tackle decisions, or dealing with fly selection. Fishing in the afternoon allows the water temperatures to heat up, causing the insects to become more active than in the morning. Warmer temperatures and the common sunny winter day can also create some memorable fishing trips with gorgeous mountain backdrops. Don’t forget to book a well-deserved meal at a local hot spot to reward yourself after your rocky mountain adventure. A double down of skiing and fly fishing in a single day is a rewarding feat and I recommend it to anybody that is willing to tackle the challenge.



Suggested Pairings for Colorado:

Ski Breckenridge and fish the Blue River

Ski Keystone and fish the Snake River

Ski Vail and fish Gore Creek

Ski Beaver Creek and fish the Eagle River

Ski Aspen and fish the Roaring Fork or Frying Pan


Cheeky Note:

Looking for more? Check out pro skier and Cheeky Armada member John Spriggs accomplish the daily double in his video "When Winter Ends":


When Winter Ends from Cheeky Fishing Theater.