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Cheeky Beats out Abel, Simms for Top Spot in Scored Plier Review

Oregon's Stillwater Fly Shop knows a thing or two about fly fishing equipment.  Purveyors of just about every major brand, and one of the nation's top fly fishing retailers, Stillwater recently conducted a scored review of its hottest selling fishing pliers: Cheeky, Abel and Simms.  The pliers were ranked based on a variety of criteria, including Toughness, Adaptability and Price.  We are very pleased to announce that Cheeky's 550 Pliers earned the top spot in Stillwater's Pliers Ranking!

"Cheeky 550 Pliers are perfect for 95% of all fishing any fly anglers does...They are by far my personal choice when it comes to trout and steelhead fishing."

Want to read more?  Check out the full scored review and see why Cheeky earned top spot over Abel and Simms: