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Bluewater fly fishing in Louisiana

For most fly anglers, Southern Louisiana means one thing, redfish. Yet as fly fishing guide Oliver White explains in this edition of "On Fly", it also has some of the best bluewater fishing in the country. As part of Project Healing Waters, a non profit organization committed to teaching veterans the joys of fly fishing as a form of therapy, Oliver teams up with army veteran and freshwater trout bum Wes Hodges to head off shore in attempt to hook Wes up with his first saltwater fish. As expected, the fishing is awesome and the production value is top notch.

Off shore fly fishing is some of the most demanding fly fishing out there, and it's important to make sure your gear is up for the challenge just as much as you. That's why the Cheeky Limitless 525 is the go-to reel for bluewater fly fishing. With a massive 5.25" diameter that sucks up 16" of line per revolution, the Limitless 525 will make sure you always have the upper hand vs. any beast of the salt.

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