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Cheeky Debuts Limitless Series Prototypes at ICAST 2016

Some visitors noticed an unfamiliar sight at the Cheeky Booth during ICAST 2016 last month. Tucked alongside Cheeky’s 19 current fly fishing and spinning reel models, were several all-new, first-generation prototype fly reels. Cheeky’s new prototypes will be part of a new, high performance fly reel series named the Limitless Series. The Limitless Reels will incorporate an innovative design that redistributes aluminum mass to the areas of the frame that need it most, keeping the reel the same weight while significantly increasing its strength and rigidity. Other highlights include a re-designed and strengthened drag system and an integrated reel foot. While the Limitless Reels are still in design phase, you can be sure this new series of reels will deliver the performance, and style, Cheeky is known for.

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