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Cheeky Limitless 325 Fly Reel Review

Paul Wolter, editor-and-chief of Demystifly, reviewed the all-new Cheeky Limitless 325 Fly Reel this month. For several weeks, Wolter put the reel through a rigorous review process, testing every detail and feature of the Limitless 325 both on the water and the lab.

The verdict? Wolter was blown away by the all-new GDS Drag System, the reel's large arbor size and its stylish design Cheeky is known for. 

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"Its performance? Excellent! Line flows smoothly off the spool and kicks in with no discernible startup inertia at ANY setting. Even when thoroughly drenched, the drag kept right on ticking."

To learn more about the Limitless 325, visit the Limitless 325 Product Page