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Cheeky Welcomes Josh Beasley and Willis Engelhart to Cheeky Ambassador Team

Cheeky Welcomes Josh Beasley and Willis Engelhart to Cheeky Ambassador Team

June 30, 2016

Arlington, MA – Cheeky Fishing is excited to announce the addition of two Cheeky Ambassadors, Willis Engelhart and Josh Beasley, co-founders of Colorado based Kyped Up. What began as an excuse for two friends to go fishing, Kyped Up has grown into a full team of passionate anglers, committed to pushing the limits of the sport and generating the best fly fishing content on the web. In addition to running Kyped Up, Beasley and Engelhart are also professional fly fishing guides at Mountain Angler in Breckenridge, CO and continue to remain actively involved in the ski industry.

Beasley and Engelhart have been fishing for practically their entire lives. Both Minnesota natives, they grew up chasing bass and pike with spinning gear in their local lakes and ponds. As teens, they moved to Colorado where they picked up their first fly rod. The duo immediately fell in love with the challenge and pursuit of the sport that reminded them so much of their other passion, skiing. Together, Beasley and Engelhart launched a mission to fly fish Colorado’s most untouched waters. That first summer, they took several backpacking and camping trips to the state’s most pristine alpine lakes and waters, and they knew they were hooked for good.

With their newfound love for fly fishing, Beasley and Engelhart founded Kyped Up as a way to share this passion with others. It didn’t take long for their story to resonate. Over the last two years, Kyped Up has expanded into a team of die-hard fly anglers that also includes Trent Jones, Cody Ling, and Justin Fronius. Today, with Beasley and Engelhart at the helm, the team at Kyped Up is committed to creating the best fly fishing content in the industry. They produce professional photography, videos, blogs, and have sights set on expanding into the apparel industry in the coming months.

Beasley and Engelhart join 8 other Cheeky Ambassadors worldwide. Cheeky Ambassadors embody the Company’s core values and represent the essence of what Cheeky is all about. They’re humanitarians, field-testers, pioneers and extraordinary visionaries on and off the water. Some are passionate conservationists and others are the ultimate thrill-seekers. Cheeky Ambassadors continuously inspire and excite those around them. They live the lifestyle Cheeky represents and are driving the sport to new levels. Cheeky is proud to welcome Engelhart and Beasley to the Ambassador Team!