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How To: Tying Crab Flies

Slingin' Crab Flies On The Flats

Summer is in full swing! Grills are heating up for evening BBQs and beach bags are getting packed for weekend family trips. While your friends are rummaging through the garage to dust off the beach chairs, you’re packing up your fly gear. For you, the summer sun high above has your fishing radar triggered. The flats are calling.

Flats fishing is an experience like no other. You could spot the fish of a lifetime from 25 yards away and have the perfect cast roll out with just enough lead to avoid spooking the fish, but if you don’t have the right fly, you’re wasting your time.

We want to see you landing monster fish, so we’ve done the ground work for you and dug up this little YouTube tying lesson from Into The Riffle. Crab flies can be a killer option for taking down picky fish on the flats. After cooking up a couple of their “KungFu Crab Flies,” you’ll be fully prepared to present an appetizing meal to your favorite flats fish.

Off To The Flats?

You're going to want make sure you can be precise with long, accurate casts all day long to truly master the flats. Thankfully the Cheeky Limitless 425 is built for tiresome days in skinny water, trying to trick the pickiest of saltwater fish.