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How To: Tying Perfect Musky Flies

Musky Beware!

It's no secret that Cheeky Ambassador Brad Bohen is dialed into the toothy critters of Wisconsin. While muskellenge have earned themselves the label of 'fish of 10,000 casts,' Brad regularly proves this to be somewhat of a misnomer. His ability to catch monster musky on a regular basis is unparalleled, and his success comes down to an uncanny understanding of fish behavior and meticulous preparation.  This includes tying up his own meaty fly creations before he hits the water. Check out the following video, where Brad explains how to cook up the 'Hangtime Optic Minnow,' the perfect combination of tantalizing materials to entice a monster Esox to strike!
Chasing Musky?
You're going to want a big-time reel with the stopping power necessary to handle a boat-sized beast. The Cheeky Limitless 475 Gasket Drag System was crafted with trophy hunting in mind.  It will allow you to put the brakes on the fish of a lifetime when it tries to run you into your backing.  On top of that, the Limitless Series' fully-machined, lightweight frame is made of high-grade aerospace aluminum, which saves your shoulder from the stresses of a long day of casting.  Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint.