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Humpday Highlights 2/15

Humpday Highlights is a weekly series on the The Blitz blog that features a collection of the best videos, photography and fishing content from the previous week.

Pound it

Kicking things off this week is an awesome Instagram photo from @wolfandpine and @straightouttacotter. They braved the chilly February temps to do a little fishing this week. Their weapon of choice? Outside Magazine's 2015 Reel of the Year the Cheeky Boost Series.

PS: Anyone know what fly that is? Comment below if you do!

Very Northern Pike

I'm usually not a fan of in-your-face promotional videos, but if you've been following The Blitz over the last month you know I'm a sucker for great pike footage. This short video from The New Fly Fisher is precisely that. The team heads far north in the province of Manitoba Canada to chase these toothy predators in crystal clear water. 

Steelhead Fever

"Anytime you fish the Skeena you could catch the world's largest steelhead," remarks a guide in the opening seconds of this video. After a few minutes, it's easy to see why. This video from Salmon Junkies is a few years old now, but with the mid-February weather taking hold throughout much of the U.S., it's tough not to look ahead to the spring steelhead run.


Trout Spotted

This video is just plain awesome. Rolf Nylinder is stalking a small stream in Sweden when he spots a world-class trout feeding just below the bank. What happens next? Well, you'll just have to watch the video.

Natten den 28 december. from Rolf Nylinder.