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Humpday Highlights 3/15: The best fishing videos of the week

Humpday Highlights is a weekly series on the The Blitz blog that features a collection of the best videos, photography and fishing content from the previous week.

Ascension Bay

Kicking things off this week is a salty video from the folks at Tailwaters Fly Fishing. They head to Ascension Bay, Mexico to try their luck at permit on the fly. The aerial footage on the flats is downright spectacular. 

Fly Fishing for Ascension Bay Permit at The Palometa Club from Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co.

Dry Fly Fishing in Norway

This video takes place on the breathtaking Laagan River in central Norway. Sight casting dry flies to massive trout? Yes please. 

Clear water dry fly fishing in Norway - Gudbrandsdalslågen from

Goofy Man Teaser

Here's a short video for an upcoming steelhead film from Kalaukko Fly Fishing. If the trailer is any indication, the full film will be worth the watch. 

HURU-UKKO | GOOFY MAN teaser from Kalaukko Fly Fishing.

Threadfin on Fly

I can't say I'm all that familiar with threadfin, but watching these whiskered fish annihilate topwater flies in Australia looks downright awesome. 

Threadfin ON FLY from Fly Fishing DownUnder.