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Humpday Highlights 3/22: The Best Fishing Videos of the Week

Humpday Highlights is a weekly series on the The Blitz blog that features a collection of the best videos, photography and fishing content from the previous week.

Permit at the Palometa Club

To kick things off this week we head to Ascension Bay, Mexico for a shot at permit on the fly. This video is just under a minute long, but it perfectly captures the shot, stick and elation of permit fishing.

Patrick Duke Fly Fishing for Permit at The Palometa Club from Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co.

 Martha's Vineyard Derby False Albacore

This video comes our good friend Ben Carmichael of New England on the Fly. He headed down to Martha's Vineyard this fall to fish in the one and only MV Derby. 

Marthas Vineyard False Albacore Fly Fishing during the Derby from New England on the Fly

Fly Fishing for Ascension Bay Tarpon

We head back to Ascension Bay in this short video from The Palometa Club, but this time, for tarpon. As with most tarpon videos, just sit back and enjoy the show.

Fly Fishing for Ascension Bay Tarpon from The Palometa Club.


After serving his country as soldier, BOTE ambassador Landon Mace decided to move home to Bend, Oregon to follow his passion for fly fishing. Emerge is a 5 minute film that follows Mace through his local Oregon waters.