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Introducing the Revamped Cheeky News Blog

Welcome to the Cheeky News blog, a celebration of all things fishing. Featuring the latest Cheeky insider information, tips from the pros, videos from around the world, and “How-To” articles for beginning anglers and experts, Cheeky News is the one stop shop for the best fishy content on the web.

What’s new for 2017?

More Content: Cheeky News is now a daily fishing blog featuring a steady flow of fresh posts and articles. Whether you’re an expert or beginner, fly angler or prefer spin tackle, Cheeky News covers all sides of the sport of fishing.

Comments: We’ve enabled comments so you can ask questions, provide your opinion, and engage with others on the blog. Have a question about fishing? Post it in a comment!

Cheeky How-To Series: Have a question about how to tip your guide? Not sure how to properly spool braid on your spinning reel? Interested in learning a new casting technique? The Cheeky How-To Series is back, with regular features and advice from Cheeky Pros and Guides. 

Behind the Scenes: Cheeky News author Grant White has been fishing his entire life. An avid fly and spin angler, Grant is the author of most of the content you'll find on Cheeky News. 

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