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Limitless 375 Spotted In NYC

It's not everyday in New York City that an advertisement makes you stop in your tracks, but that's what happened to me this past week in the Upper East Side. While walking with my head down and smartphone up like a true New Yorker, I thought I noticed something familiar out of the corner of my eye. I doubled back to check and to my pleasant surprise, front and center of a Vineyard Vine's advertisement located in the middle of the Upper East Side, was Cheeky Ambassador Abbie Schuster and her Limitless 375 Fly Reel.
Abbie Schuster and the Limitless 375 are front and center on this phone booth advertisement located at East 76th and 1st Street
The ad, which features the tagline "Let's Take This Offline", features a photo of Abbie fly fishing for false albacore on Martha's Vineyard during the Cheeky-sponsored 2017 MV Derby. The photo was taken during a video shoot for Vineyard Vine's "Real Good People" series, for which Abbie was honored. 
The ad's vibe, and of course - photo - was a welcomed surprise on a cold New York morning, and a reprieve from the often-forgettable ads blanketing so much of the city. Salute to Vineyard Vines for a killer advertisement! It left me wondering, where else are these ads located? If you see a Cheeky Reel in your city in this ad or a different one, send us a photo!
To learn more about Abbie Schuster or book a day on the water, visit her website Kismet Outfitters. To learn more about her favorite reel, the Cheeky Limitless 375, click here.