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Meet Cheeky Team Member: Matt Braman

Matt grew up nestled in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts exploring all of the wilderness it has to offer. Fishing and hiking were always a staple of his childhood, and as a passion for fly fishing developed, he hasn’t been able to stop working at the craft. Spending hours upon hours on the local waters he has met many great anglers who have turned into lifelong friends and resources of knowledge. Matt started working for Cheeky in February as the Fulfillment specialist so if you’ve ordered since then, it was most likely packed up and shipped to your door by him. 



Most desired meal after a long day on the water?

After a long day on the water there is nothing like some fresh fruit before a big medium rare steak over the open flame of a fire.  

Favorite Species?

Brown trout. 

Go to fly?

A #18 or #20 Perdigon nymph. Super effective at getting down to where the big browns are holding, and fish tend to be a little less picky when it comes to the really small bugs. 

Favorite Cheeky Reel?

Limitless 375. It’s a versatile reel that can deal with the frustrations of fishing the Northeast in so many different ways: Dry flies, streamers, and nymphs are all handled extremely well by the 375.  

Bucket list Fish?

Icelandic Brown or an Alaskan Leopard Rainbow. 

Favorite Friday beer at the office?

Jess by Amherst Brewing.   

Other Hobbies?

Hiking/Camping. If you don’t find me knee deep in the river, I’ll either be hiking to my next fishing spot or camping in my hammock.  

One place that you would like to travel to?

Alaska is next up on the bucket list!