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Meet Cheeky Team Member: Ted Upton

Ted grew up in Maine as an outdoor fanatic, but his primary interest as a kid was chasing brook trout and landlocked salmon in Western Maine.  Ultimately, this passion shaped his career.  After a couple of years as a recent college graduate at a boring desk job in downtown Boston, Ted and three other like minded friends went all in and founded Cheeky Fishing.  They worked nights and weekends at restaurants and fly shops to make ends meet, and spent their days working on the business.  Fast forward 10 years and Ted is still charging forward leading Cheeky Fishing, and its more recently founded sister company Wingo Outdoors, to exciting growth.  Ted attended Bowdoin College and later earned his MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management where he remains a regular guest lecturer in entrepreneurship.  Ted lives in Williamstown, MA with his wife Elizabeth, daughter Eleanor, and giant dog Bernie.  When he’s not working on his business or spending time with family, find him on the river, on the ski slopes, or hacking up the golf course. 



Most desired meal after a long day on the water? 

After a long day on the water, there’s probably nothing better than a hot meal and cold beverage with great friends and family.  Since I have to choose, chalk me up for a burger with bacon, blue cheese, and grilled onions (sub in sweet potato fries).

Favorite Species?

Brook Trout.

Go to fly?

Green ghost.

Favorite Cheeky Reel?

I won’t decide.  I like them all!

Bucket list Fish? 

This changes weekly.  This week … it’s Golden Dorado.

Favorite Friday beer at the office? 

Something local.

Other Hobbies?

I love to play golf.  I’ve discovered that not many anglers are also golfers. Must be a conflict of season, but I do enjoy both.

One place that you would like to travel to? 

There’s at least a few places I would really like to go at some point in my life. If I had to pick one, I’d say the Seychelles. Not only do I imagine incredible fishing, but it strikes me as an all around travel adventure.