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Photo of Boost 400 Fly Reel Published in The New York Times

Anglers who picked up The New York Times on April 5th opened the paper up to a welcomed surprise. That's because in last Wednesday's edition, The New York Times published a photo of the Cheeky Boost 400 Fly Reel. The photo accompanied an article in the paper's travel section titled "Off Belize, a Hunt for Saltwater Fly-Fishing’s Top Prizes", in which author Jon Gluck recounts a magical trip to Belize in search of the fly fishing grand slam.

The Cheeky Boost 400 Fly Reel graced the pages of The New York Times in an article about fly fishing in Belize. Photo via The New York Times.

The article documents the agony and ecstasy of fly fishing's most sought after "prize" in gloriously vivid detail. It's a story every angler can relate to. Click here to read the article.

Featured Reel: Cheeky Boost 400 Fly Reel

Preparing for your own fly fishing grand slam? Make sure to check out the Cheeky Boost 400 Fly Reel, the ultimate all-around fly reel for larger fresh and saltwater applications. Checking in at 4” in diameter, only 7.0 oz, and packing away well in excess of 200 yards of backing and retrieving up to 12.5” of line per revolution, the Boost 400 will help you land more fish, period. Click here to shop the Boost 400 Fly Reel.