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PHOTOS: Did a huge marlin really topple a fishing boat?

With our massive boats and endless fishing equipment, it's easy to think that anglers always have the upper hand over their quarry. But for several marlin anglers off the coast of Panama, the trip of a lifetime turned into a nightmare when they realized that sometimes, fish can flip the script too.

Shocking photos from Marlin Magazine appear to document an enormous marlin pulling a fishing boat clean over during a fight

Anglers off the coast of Panama hook up with a massive marlin. Photo via Marlin Magazine.

Things take a turn for the worse mid-fight when the boat starts to take on water. Photo via Marlin Magazine.

The fishing boat topples over as the hooked marlin keeps jumping. Photo via Marlin Magazine.

Luckily, everyone on board was quickly rescued and no one was hurt (even the marlin got away), but these photos are downright terrifying. Of course, what really happened that day is hard to know for sure, but logical reasoning tells us that it's improbable the marlin was the only reason the boat capsized. Human error is still the most likely cause of disaster every time you step into a boat. Proper boat safety is the single most important factor of a successful fishing trip, and never get in a boat with a captain you're not comfortable with. However, stories and photos like this should also remind every angler of the raw power these fish posses and what a privilege it is that we're able to chase them.