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Pro Tips: Top 5 Striped Bass Lures

To put it simply, Cheeky Ambassadors Matt Zimmerman and Joe Gugino of Why Knot Fishing are striped bass fanatics. The duo have caught more trophy stripers than most anglers can only dream about in a lifetime, and with striped bass season inching closer every day, we caught up with them to learn which 5 lures you need in your tackle box this season.

1. 247 Lures Mully

If you love big spook-style lures and have an addiction to topwater, the 247 Lures Mully (or any large walk the dog lure) is what you should be fishing! Target fish with these spooks on flats, beaches, rocky shorelines and anywhere you may think fish are lurking.

2. Rebel Jumping Minnow

This 4" spook is smaller but just as effective for both schoolie and larger striped bass. It's super easy to cast and has rattles that can grab a fish's attention. Do not forget to upgrade the hooks, the stock hooks will straighten on larger fish!

3. Al's Gags Whip It Fish

Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, these lures are great for when fish are not actively feeding on the surface. Use these in rivers, estuaries, open water and along the shoreline. Al Gag's are extremely durable and will help you catch a number of different species. These are the most productive in rivers, estuaries, and shallow flats when fish are on the move.

4. Hogy HDUV Jigs

Coming in unweighted versions and weighted with barbarian jig heads, these plastics can work both the surface and lower water columns. From targeting boulder fields to sandy beaches, these plastics are notorious for catching monster striped bass.

5. SP Minnow

One of the most versatile striped bass lures. Coming in a variety of colors, the SP minnows can cast a mile and are designed for fast, slow, and erratic retrieves. The "blurple" is a must have for fishing at night!