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The Best Striped Bass Reels for Every Angler

Cheeky Ambassador Matt Zimmermann shows off a striped bass caught with the Cheeky CYDRO 4500. Photo via Why Knot Fishing.

Fishing for striped bass is some of the most fun you can have on fly and spin tackle, and this week brought some good news for those anxiously looking forward to the new season. Earlier this week, On The Water Magazine reported thick schools of schoolie stripers as far north as Cape Cod, with 20 and 30 pounders following close behind. With the season entering prime-time, we break down the best Cheeky Reels for striped bass.

All-Around Striped Bass Fly Reel:

Cheeky Limitless 425

For anglers looking for an all-around fly reel for striped bass, it doesn't get better than the Cheeky Limitless 425 Fly Reel. The Limitless 425 sports a massive 4.25” diameter that delivers up to 13.25" of line per revolution, meaning you'll have the upper hand over even the hardest-charging striper. Couple that with a fully sealed Gasket Drag System to keep the elements out and you’ve got the ultimate all-around saltwater fly reel and the ideal weapon for striped bass of all sizes. Shop the Limitless 425 now.

All-Around Striped Bass Spinning Reel:

Cheeky CYDRO 4500

Whether you're wading the shores of Montauk or miles off the coast of Maine, the CYDRO 4500 is built for striped bass anglers. With 9+1 stainless steel ball bearings and Cheeky’s PWR+ Multi-Disc Drag System, the CYDRO 4500 is built to handle the season long demands of striped bass fishing. Its SaltForce aluminum frame and body protects against harsh saltwater environments, while a stainless steel main shaft provides rigidity and power. Plus, Cheeky’s specially designed Duro-Lift Bail System distributes line evenly, limiting snarls and delivering longer, more accurate casts. Shop the CYDRO 4500 Spinning Reel now.

Striped Bass Boat Reel:

Cheeky Boost 400

The Cheeky Boost 400 Fly Reel delivers everything you need in a boat fly reel and more for just $229. Its award-winning Rev Carbon Drag System will stop a striped bass in its tracks, while its 7.0 oz frame is a breeze to cast, even in the windiest off-shore conditions. Shop the Boost 400 Fly Reel now.

Schoolie Striped Bass Reel:

Cheeky CYDRO 3500

If schoolie stripers are your quarry, you won't find a better reel for the job than the CYDRO 3500 Spinning Reel. The CYDRO 3500 has all the features of the 4500 but in a smaller and lighter size. With Cheeky’s SaltForce aluminum frame and body with a stainless steel main shaft, the CYDRO 3500 delivers supreme reliability and performance for any small inshore saltwater application. Shop the CYDRO 3500 Spinning Reel now.