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Topwater Tuesday: Giant Brown Trout Caught in CA

This week's Topwater Tuesday takes us to a small stream in Northern California for a brown trout of a lifetime.

Thirty is a special number when it comes to brown trout fishing. The 30" club is an exclusive group, requiring often years of pursuit and of course, a bit of crazy good luck. Guide Matt Heron joined the 30" club in absolutely epic fashion with this mammoth brown trout from California. 

Fishing with a tiny mayfly, Matt hooks this 30" cow with a sip dainty enough for a 8" brook trout. What happens next is the fight, fish (and net job) of a lifetime. 

Matt Heron Reels in a Gigantic Brown Trout from Filmed In Tahoe.


Looking to join the 30" club yourself? Here's the reel you need:

Limitless 375

The Limitless 375 is the perfect reel for big brown trout. A massive 3.75” arbor, insane line capacity and over 11” of retrieve per revolution make the Limitless 375 the most impressive 5-7wt fly reel around. A fully sealed Gasket Drag System and integrated, torque-dispersing reel foot round out a feature set that will put any monster fish at your mercy. Click here to learn more.



  • HJohn

    I knew the dummy would let it go. I would have taken it to get mounted and ate the meat!

  • R Joiner

    Fishing the Truckee every freekin day,a 20 incher is a holiday, think of the leader Matt was using. Catch 30 inch fish with 20,30lb line usually. Impressive

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