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Topwater Tuesday: Huge Brook Trout Annihilate Mice Flies in Ontario

This week's Topwater Tuesday takes us north to Algoma, Ontario for some of the craziest topwater brook trout action you'll find.

Brook trout are often perceived as the dainty and fragile relative of the larger, more aggressive brown and rainbow trout. However, the folks at The New Fly Fisher are changing that - one ravaged mouse-fly at a time. If you caught the insane topwater brook trout video from them on The Blitz a couple months ago, you probably know where this video is heading ... Gone are the size 18 adams and caddis flies that fill so many brook trout anglers' fly boxes. Instead, we have massive, wild brook trout exploding out of the water to annihilate skating mouse flies the size of, well, a mouse. If you love brook trout, this video will make your day.  

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