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Topwater Tuesday: Huge Carp on Dry Flies

This week's Topwater Tuesday brings us to the famous Missouri River for huge carp on dry flies.
Fly fishing for carp has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. As their name suggests, common carp can be found throughout much of the country's warm water fisheries, stretching from Maine to California. Yet despite their abundance, carp's surprisingly spooky nature, blistering runs, and enormous size (50+lbs) have attracted many fly anglers to the pursuit. 
This video, "Carpology part 1" by Todd Moen, is a perfect example for what has driven so many anglers to carp fishing. Sneaking along river banks, casting at rising fish, and catching enormous carp on tiny dry flies ... what's not to love?
Anglers looking to join the carp craze themselves should make sure to have a fly reel capable of handling the drag-busting runs big carp are known for. The Cheeky Tyro 375 is the fly reel for the job. With the award-winning Rev Carbon Drag System, combined with a lightweight and durable frame design, the Tyro 375 will make the difference on your next outing.