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Topwater Tuesday: Largemouth bass attacks frog in air beside boat

This week's Topwater Tuesday is one of the coolest largemouth bass strikes on the web.

If you caught The Best Bass Blowups video on The Blitz a couple months ago, you probably saw this clip within the compilation, but the full video is so, so much better. The angler casts out a topwater frog and begins a slow retrieve. After several seconds without luck, he gives up and starts reeling the lure back to the boat to cast again. Just as the lure reaches the boat, a huge largemouth bass explodes out of the water and annihilates the frog in mid-air. Talk about making your heart jump.

If anyone asks you why largemouth bass are the popular sport fish in America, show them this video. 

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  • BIll Galeener

    Whewee! That Big Bass had Frog Legs on his Menu! Nice to see Catch and release so others can enjoy catching a Big one.

  • Mark Gilchrist

    I was excited and nervous for you. Great bass!

  • BIlly Sanders

    That is a nice Bass. I enjoyed the footage of the catch and also nice to see it put Back to Fight again. That Big Boy Wanted that Frog bad.


    did u keep him ????

  • Will Beriau

    Holy Moly!!!!!

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