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Topwater Tuesday: Watch largemouth bass hammer poppers and mice

This week’s Topwater Tuesday takes us to Portugal (yes, really) for epic largemouth bass on the fly.

When you think of world-class largemouth bass fisheries, chances are Portugal is not at the top of your list. However, "Achigãs a Pluma em Lagoas" from BlueTail Films highlights a relatively unknown yet thriving largemouth bass fishery in the European country. 

If you caught Catch Magazine's famous largemouth bass video on The Blitz a couple weeks ago, you'll likely see some similarities in "Achigãs a Pluma em Lagoas". Wading through lilypads, casting frog poppers and mice to hungry bass, and always - awesome topwater takes. This video has all the ingredients for a killer largemouth bass video. 

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Portugal - Achigãs à Pluma em Lagoas from BlueTail Films.