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VIDEO: Largemouth bass chases down bait in mid-air

Think largemouth bass can't see you above the water? Think again. Kyle Naegeli, also known as @thefishwhisperer1 on Instagram, has a knack for catching some pretty impressive largemouth bass on his rod and video camera. But this 10-second clip might be his craziest one yet.

While fishing one of his local Florida ponds, Kyle performs a flip cast with what appears to be a shad. A big largemouth bass, which must have been lurking in the murky shallows below him, takes off after the bait while it's still in the air. You can actually see the fish's outline on the surface as it chases after the airborne shad, almost like a Golden Retriever chasing down a stick just tossed by its owner. Has anything like this ever happened to you on the water?